Whether you are planning the trip of a lifetime, need to brush up your Italian for business or pleasure, or simply want a taste of Italy's wonderful language, history and culture, the Dante Alighieri Society is the place for you.

Our experienced, highly qualified, native Italian teachers utilize a variety of resources. Small groups ensure individual attention to make the most of your ability and potential.Do you plan to go to Italy? Are you curious about Italian music, art or food? Do you want to exercise your brain by learning a new language?

Come and learn Italian with us!

We offer language courses that:

  • Are taught by native and experienced instructors.
  • Have 5-12 students per group.
  • Are interactive and engaging.

It is our priority to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, in which learners

feel encouraged to develop new skills and enjoy their progress in learning Italian.

During the 2-hour classes, learners are immersed in an all-Italian environment of listening, watching and interacting in the target language. While the curriculum aims to develop all the four language skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing – the focus of in-class activities is on oral communication.

In all of our courses we use instructional materials that present an authentic use of the language and embed interesting cultural elements.

The school issues the following certificates:

  • Certificate of Attendance, issued at the end of each course completed with us;
  • Plida Certificate: an official diploma issued by the central branch of Società Dante Alighieri.

From January 2016, the Dante Society of BC will begin a formal collaboration with theItalian Chamber of Commerce in Canada West (ICCBC) for the delivery of Italian language courses, with the Dante Society providing course content and certification and the Italian Chamber of Commerce giving the benefit of its administrative support and expertise. This partnership is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute of Toronto.

All courses are held in Vancouver downtown at #300 - 889 W Pender St.

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Contact: For further information contact Monica Liscio, info@dantesocietybc.ca

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