I was born in Canada to Italian parents. Grew up in a vibrant Italian-Canadian community in

Metro Vancouver while spending the summers at my family home in the Veneto region. I

studied  French and Italian Studies at the University of British Columbia and received my Masters

degree from the University of Toronto.

Along with guiding cycle tours in Puglia, I also studied at the Università di Lecce, the Università

per Stranieri di Siena and the Università per Stranieri di Perugia where I took classes for Italian

language teachers.

I teach French Immersion and Spanish with the Vancouver School Board and I am always excited

to share my love of Italian language and culture through storytelling with students attending

courses at the Dante Italian Language School.

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I was born and raised in Milan. My family reflects cultural influences from both the North (on my father’s side) and the South (on my mother’s) which contributed to the development of my interest in the cultural and linguistic complexity of the country.

After graduating in Environmental Studies, I worked in a variety of educational settings and developed many valuable skills while teaching diverse groups of students, including children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

I supported my students acquisition of new skills and knowledge through the use of non-formal education approaches, encouraging the learners to explore their social and cultural differences and similarities.
I have developed a genuine passion for teaching.

Learning a language is like observing a transformation take place. Observing entails analyzing  and posing questions; it means reflection and achieving a deeper understanding.

To me, being a teacher means to enjoy the process my students have to go through when learning. They need to unlearn in order to relearn and make sense of a new experience.
And all that can be done sharing a laugh and some good times together!

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I moved to Vancouver from Italy in November 2009, but I have never actually left it; on the contrary, my attachment to my birthplace has grown since then.
Being far away in a very different country made me realize the beauty of a culture whose biggest strength is diversity, stemming from two common factors: harmony and elegance.

I am originally from Lecco (Lombardy), a small and quiet city at the foot of the Alps, facing a lake that resembles a fjord. I studied foreign language and literature at the University of Bergamo and I am currently

a PhD candidate at UBC, where I teach Spanish and research 19th-century Italian and Spanish literature and politics.

To teach languages is, in my opinion, to open doors to new paths and encounters. This is what I have experienced as a student, and it is for this reason I now deeply enjoy sharing my knowledge of Italian culture with my students, as well as with my kids.


Lorenzo Camerini was born in Rome where he studied Humanities (Middle Age History) at the University of Rome "La Sapienza". He worked several years in Italy in different fields, and he was also an Italian volunteer teacher for migrants in the NGO "Casa dei Diritti Sociali" from 2010 to 2013.

In 2014 he moved to Vancouver where he worked as a teacher of Italian language at the Italian Cultural Centre and in an elementary school as an assistant teacher. Currently he is a full time Master’s student at UBC in Archival Science and Record Management.

Lorenzo loves to teach Italian and to share with his students the history and the wonderful artistic and cultural heritage of his home country, hoping to spread the love for the "Belpaese".

The Dante Alighieri Society of British Columbia

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Buongiorno, my name is Francesca.
I was born in Trento (Trentino-Alto Adige), where I had my master degree in Humanities; I also studied at the University of Siena where I had my postgraduate specialization in cultural heritage and education. I spent some years in Arezzo and Florence and after that I took a course for teaching Italian as a second language. I haven’t stopped teaching Italian since then: in Italy, New Zealand and finally in Canada, where I moved in 2016.

Besides teaching, I co-founded F.I.L.I., the first Association of qualified Italian facilitators in Trentino-Alto Adige, while in New Zealand I was also the organizer and facilitator of meet-ups, promoting the Italian language and cultural events.

My goals are to provide guidance, stimulate and facilitate conversation among learners, offer engaging lessons, and help learners to feel confident and achieve their goals… possibly with a laugh!

SILVIA GIABARDO - Teaching Coordinator and Instructor
I was born and raised in Italy, in the Veneto region, and studied in Venice at Ca’ Foscari University, majoring in Foreign Languages and Literatures.

Life took me many places before I settled in Vancouver, Canada. I have taught Italian as a second language for over 20 years: in San Francisco, Florence, at UBC Continuing Studies and at the former Italian Institute of Culture in Vancouver, among others. Besides being Teaching Coordinator as well as an instructor at the Dante Italian Language School, I also facilitate an Italian Book Club in collaboration with the Dante Society, ICC of Toronto and the Italian General Consulate in Vancouver.

So many stories and unforgettable experiences have come to me through my teaching. Throughout my career as a language instructor, I have emphasized a multidisciplinary approach, focusing on the ever-evolving everyday contexts of Italy. My aim, whatever the level of instruction, is to promote understanding of the current aspects of life, culture, travel in Italy. With my students, I have always tried to impart knowledge of and ability in the language, while sharing direct experiences of Italy and what it is to be Italian and be amongst Italians. A special flair, an atmosphere, a taste, a sound: a new and vibrant world that opens up when you learn our language.

Teaching Italian is my passion. Let us take up this unique adventure together! Arrivederci a presto!