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Italy is not only my Country but represents an entire style of life.  I love speaking about it, and I believe this love transfers into my passion for teaching.  I think that only through being able to speak Italian will you be able to truly understand this country to its fullest.  I have always loved to learn foreign languages; I’ve studied: English, French, German, Chinese and Korean.

I received my Laurea in Modern Foreign Language and Literature from the Istituto Universitario di Napoli, Italy where I studied Chinese, English and Korean as well as Far East Asian history, philosophy, arts, and linguistics. I studied and worked in China for two years where I met my Canadian husband and moved to Vancouver in 1999.

I truly enjoy helping my students to achieve their goals, and when goals become successes, these are also my successes.  I think that a good teacher should be fun, kind, patient and enthusiastic, and I try to bring these things to all my classes.Type your paragraph here.



                                                       SILVIA GIABARDO


                                                       I was born and raised in Italy, in the Veneto region,  and studied in Venice at Ca’ Foscari                                                            University, majoring in Foreign Languages and Literature.

                                                       Life took me many places before I settled in Vancouver, Canada. I have taught Italian as a

                                                       second language for over 20 years: in San Francisco, Florence, at UBC Continuing Studies

                                                       and at the former Italian Institute of Culture in Vancouver, among others.

                                                       So many students, stories, and unforgettable experiences have come to me through my 

                                                       teaching. Throughout my career as a language instructor, I have emphasized a multidisciplinary

                                                       approach, focusing on the ever-evolving everyday contexts of Italy.

                                                       My aim, whatever the level of instruction, is to promote understanding of the current aspects of

life, culture, travel in Italy. With my students, I have always tried to impart knowledge of and ability in the language, while sharing direct experiences of Italy and what it is to be Italian and be amongst Italians. A special flair, an atmosphere, a taste, a sound: a

new and vibrant world that opens up when you learn our language.

Teaching Italian is my passion. Let us take up this unique adventure together!
Arrivederci a presto!

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I was born in Canada to Italian parents. Grew up in a vibrant Italian-Canadian community in

Metro Vancouver while spending the summers at my family home in the Veneto region. I

studied  French and Italian Studies at the University of British Columbia and received my Masters

degree from the University of Toronto.

Along with guiding cycle tours in Puglia, I also studied at the Università di Lecce, the Università

per Stranieri di Siena and the Università per Stranieri di Perugia where I took classes for Italian

language teachers.

I teach French Immersion and Spanish with the Vancouver School Board and I am always excited

to share my love of Italian language and culture through storytelling with students attending

courses at the Chamber of Commerce.

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