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I was born in Milan where I studied Humanities (Modern Literature) at the “Università degli Studi di Milano”. I worked several years In Italy as Human Resources Manager in different international and multinational companies.

In 2015 I was ready for new professional challenges and I embarked on a new career: teaching and promoting the Italian language and culture abroad. I completed PROMOITALS, a Masters Program in “Promoting and teaching Italian language and culture to foreigners” at the “Università degli Studi di Milano”; I then achieved the DITALS I - a Certification in teaching Italian as L2  from the “University of Siena” in Italy.

Since then I have worked as Italian teacher in classes of young adults, as a tutor for Executives and in classes dedicated to women within a Charity Association.

In August 2018 I moved to Vancouver with my family to attend a Masters of Education (MEd) Curriculum & Instruction at “SFU”.

I believe that this Program will provide an enhancement of my educational skillset thanks to an innovative educational approach and focus on educational curriculum theory, research and practice.

Teaching Italian is my true passion. What I love is not just to teach the Italian language, but to accompany everybody who is passionate and motivated in a journey through our special Italian world of which our language is the most evident expression, albeit not the only one.

Our instructors

SILVIA GIABARDO - Teaching Coordinator and Instructor
I was born and raised in Italy, in the Veneto region, and studied in Venice at Ca’ Foscari University, majoring in Foreign Languages and Literatures.

Life took me many places before I settled in Vancouver, Canada. I have taught Italian as a second language for over 20 years: in San Francisco, Florence, at UBC Continuing Studies and at the former Italian Institute of Culture in Vancouver, among others. Besides being Teaching Coordinator as well as an instructor at the Dante Italian Language School, I also facilitate an Italian Book Club in collaboration with the Dante Society, ICC of Toronto and the Italian General Consulate in Vancouver.

So many stories and unforgettable experiences have come to me through my teaching. Throughout my career as a language instructor, I have emphasized a multidisciplinary approach, focusing on the ever-evolving everyday contexts of Italy. My aim, whatever the level of instruction, is to promote understanding of the current aspects of life, culture, travel in Italy. With my students, I have always tried to impart knowledge of and ability in the language, while sharing direct experiences of Italy and what it is to be Italian and be amongst Italians. A special flair, an atmosphere, a taste, a sound: a new and vibrant world that opens up when you learn our language.

Teaching Italian is my passion. Let us take up this unique adventure together! Arrivederci a presto!


I was born in the small region of Molise and then moved to the north of Italy (Emilia-Romagna) at the age of 19. There I obtained my Master's degree in International Cooperation and Protection of Human Rights. I discovered the passion for teaching while working as Assistant Grant Writer in an NGO in Greece. There I started to teach Italian to young refugees and to hold seminars about human rights in high schools and other non-formal educational settings. Once back in Italy, I continued to teach Italian to migrants and I started to study at Università per Stranieri di Siena.

Furthermore, as a Grant Writer, I had the chance to promote inclusion and diversity in the education system, thanks to proposals I made in the areas of Youth and Children, Disabled people, Education and Social Services. I proposed strategies for parents, teachers and community workers to confront educational poverty in disadvantaged backgrounds, introducing intercultural teaching practices with the help of cultural-linguistic mediators.

To me teaching holds so many invaluable meanings: it is turning into success the potential that every student has; it is understanding our communities to build better ones; it is a life-learning process thanks to the engagement with students from different backgrounds; it is falling in love every time with the Italian culture.

I was born and raised in Milan where I studied International Law at the Catholic University of Milan, and took a Fundraising and Cooperation course at ISPI (Institute for Studies of International Policy).

My first passion is theatre and I have worked for several years in the field.

In the last few years I worked in Milan in different NGOs helping overcome cultural diversity conflicts and volunteered as a social and legal assistant for inmates.
I love to travel around the world, learn new languages and experience new cultures.

In mid 2018 I moved to Vancouver where I started teaching the Italian Language at various institutions. I discovered my love for teaching while sharing the wonderful Italian culture and language.

I am very passionate about the Italian heritage and its arts. I love to help others explore new scenarios and new skills/talents and I am always keen on a good challenge.

Cinzia Candela Bicego, a teacher and an actress. She is a pronunciation and a “narrative voice” coach for those who wish to improve their pronunciation of the Italian language. She studied journalism, diction and dubbing. She also collaborated with orchestras and performed in some prominent theatrical productions.
In 2016-17 she collaborated with UBC and Simon Fraser University.

More on her activities in her website: 

The Dante Alighieri Society of British Columbia

 For the promotion of Italian language and culture