The Dante Alighieri Society of British Columbia

 For the promotion of Italian language and culture

The statue in memory of Dante Alighieri in Santa Croce Place, Florence -, Vitt Pess.

Our Mission

The Dante Alighieri Society of British Columbia is one of the 400 branches of the The Dante Alighieri Society, whose head office is situated in the XVI century Palazzo Firenze in Rome. "La Dante" is  a non profit organization whose objective is to promote and foster Italian language and culture by:

  • Helping to develop an appreciation of Italian achievements in the arts, literature, science, and industry.
  • Promoting the study of the Italian language.
  • Promoting a spirit of understanding among people through the arts and other cultural activities.​​

The Dante Alighieri Society is also the organizer of the 

PLIDA Tests to certify knowledge of Italian.

The Plida Certificate is recognized by the Italian government for immigration/work purposes and has the academic approval of the Sapienza University of Rome. See more on this here.