1. You must be set up with your bank for internet banking.  

2. Log in to your online banking site. The layout differs a bit

from bank to bank,  but the process is the same for all.

3. Find Transfers and click it.

4. Fill in the account you would like the money to come from,  

and the amount you will pay.

5. In the Recipient box, enter Dante Society of BC.

It should auto-complete for you after you type Dante.

6. Enter a security question which you would always answer

the same way…. What colour is your dog?  What colour is your car?

Make it something with a simple one-word answer.  

7. Enter the answer to the security question in the space provided.   

That is why you had  to send that answer in the e-mail.

8. Confirm the details and click Send.   

9. You will get a confirmation code that you should store.

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