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Italian Classes

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The Dante Alighieri Society of BC offers Italian language courses through the  Dante Italian Language School. in Vancouver.


We offer language courses that:

  • are taught by native and experienced instructors;

  • have 5-12 students per group;

  • meet once a week for a total of 11 lessons (22 hours of instruction). Monday through Friday from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm; on Saturday morning from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm;

  • are interactive, engaging and fun!

For information & registration:

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The Dante Italian Language School in Vancouver operates in accordance with the framework established by the Cooperation Agreement between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the

Italian Republic and the Dante Alighieri Society for the promotion of the

Italian language and culture

The Dante Alighieri Society is the only institution in Canada accredited to administer the 

PLIDA Tests (for the assessment of Italian as a foreign language), officially recognized by the 

Italian Government and the European Union.

All courses are now delivered ONLINE via Zoom
5% discount on the tuition to Dante Society members

During the 2-hour classes, learners are immersed in an all-Italian environment of listening, comprehension and interaction.

While the curriculum aims to develop the four language skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing –

the focus is on oral communication.

In all our courses we use instructional materials that present an authentic use of the language

and embed interesting cultural elements.

Upon request, at the end of each completed course the  School issues a Certificate of Attendance.


Please  see also our Schedules  and Registration & Fees tabs.

Take our Placement Test and submit it to the school administration for an evaluation.

For more information, please write to

BEGINNER 1, 2, 3


Text Book: Nuovo Espresso 1

Students gain the understanding and speaking skills necessary for everyday social situations while learning basic Italian grammar and pronunciation. They will be able to respond to simple questions about family, likes/dislikes, and pastimes, order a meal in a restaurant, express their needs in a store, make a hotel reservation, and communicate simple ideas

both orally and in writing. 

      INTERMEDIATE 1, 2, 3


Text Book: Nuovo Espresso 2 

Students develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, improve pronunciation and learn idioms.
At the end of the course, they will be able to speak Italian with some confidence, take part in routine conversations in everyday social and travel contexts,

and understand a wider range of grammar and vocabulary.

ADVANCED  1, 2, 3

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Text Book: Nuovo Espresso 3

Students take part in extended conversations, write simple essays and understand most of a newspaper article or a lecture. By the end of this level,

they will be able to communicate effectively in Italian.


Imparare l'italiano.jpg

No Text Book

This course focuses mainly on conversation at a very advanced level.

It deals with the multiple aspects of Italian culture such as current events, history, art, literature, cinema, travel, food, traditions, music and iconic personalities. A wide variety of resources is employed for class discussion: book excerpts and articles from major national newspapers, films, videos, TV series, songs, radio broadcastings. Emphasis is also given to different linguistic registers (colloquial, formal, literary, journalistic). A review of the advanced grammar (especially upon students' request and needs) is also

part of the course curriculum.



Text Book: Italian for Business

The course is designed mainly for professionals in commercial and economic fields doing business with the Italian market. Emphasis will be given to the teaching of a specialized vocabulary and the development of oral and written skills for business communication. The course will handle topics such as business terminology, common etiquette of the most common business situations, business letter formats, commercial invoice analysis, and trade catalogues requirements.



No Text Book

This course is open to all levels and does not assume any prior knowledge of Italian grammar. The first part of the program aims at providing students with the basic vocabulary and expressions that are most often used while travelling in Italy.
The second part introduces students to a geographic overview of the country and to the most important tourist attractions (museums, palaces, churches, monuments, exhibitions, archaeological sites), accompanied by a description of the public transport system. The lessons will include case studies from daily situations – e.g. restaurant, hotel, street directions, shopping – from which students can gain extensive understanding of Italian culture.

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