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Learn Italian Pronunciation with Francesca!
Here is finally a course about wonderful Italian pronunciation!

Pronouncing words right can be a nerve-wracking part of learning a new language.
The rules for how to say words correctly vary so much that it can seem impossible to figure out.
This course will help you master your Italian pronunciation and learn those unique Italian sounds that seem so hard to pronounce.

JANUARY 14, 21, & 28, 2022
from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm PST

On Zoom

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In this course, you will have access to pictures, videos, & practice exercises.
This is a course for everyone who studies the Italian language, from a beginner to a more advanced level. Beginners can use this course to learn how to pronounce Italian words from scratch,
while for more advanced students, it can be a review.

During the course we will go through:

The main difference between English and Italian phonetics rules:
Italian pronunciation is actually very, very easy. In fact, one thing that sets Italian apart from other languages
is that the rules of pronunciation are constant.
What are the most common pronunciation mistakes an English native speaker makes when speaking Italian,
& why? Let’s find out together!

Articulation of Italian speech & sounds:
Where to place my tongue or to move my mouth when producing a particular sound in isolation or in a word? Let’s take a close look at how Italians speak!

How to pronounce Italian special sounds: gn, gli, sci, r, double consonants:
Some Italian speech sounds are unique to the Italian language. Let’s learn how to pronounce them
like a true Italian!

How to use intonation & melody to express emotions:
Italian is the most melodic language you’ll ever learn. Let’s learn how to speak with a melody giving the right accents and intonation to the sentences.

Course Fee: $90 (tax incl.)
Classes meet once a week for three weeks,
on Friday evenings
For info & registration: