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Pillole di grammatica italiana
Italian Grammar Pills

Online Italian grammar classes:
 all Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced levels

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Everything you always wanted to know about the Italian grammar but were afraid to ask!
The Dante Italian Language School invites you to join a new language program, a series of single-focus tutorials on the least friendly aspects of the Italian grammar.
In each lesson an instructor from the Dante Italian Language School will clear up some tricky point with a little theory and lots of practice in an interactive, student driven environment.
This is your chance to ask questions, get answers and clarify your doubts on the Italian language once and for all!

You will be sure to see results!

Winter Session 2024



Pillola #1

The Present of Irregular verbs

February 28, 2024

from 6pm to 8pm

(PST - Vancouver Time)


Pillola #2

Noun-Adjective Agreement

March 6, 2024

from 6pm to 8pm

(PST - Vancouver Time)


Pillola #3

Modi di Dire

"Ti sei alzato con il piede sinistro? Non fare l’avvocato del diavolo! Sai che quello fa il cascamorto con tutte?

Non dormire sugli allori!" 

Discover meanings of expressions, when to use them. Join

to explore Italian idioms for everyday life. Practice together

to master usage like a native!

March 13, 2024

from 6pm to 8pm (PST - Vancouver Time)


Pillola #4

Superlativi Idiomatici


"Nuova di zecca, ricco sfondato, pazza da legare…"

Have you heard these expressions before? Let's understand their meanings and when to use them! Italians love to exaggerate, so learn these idiomatic superlatives to emphasize what you say!

March 20, 2024

from 6pm to 8pm (PST - Vancouver Time)


Not sure how to get started?
It's easy! Just download our Placement Test * & the Registration Formthen click on the button below to send them back to us via email. 

* If you are enrolling for a Beginner Grammar Pill,
we only need the registration form.

Our Prices:


  • 1 Pillola 1 Italian Grammar Pill: $30 (tax incl.)


  • Pacchetto di 2 pillole/Package of 2 Italian Grammar Pills: $55 (tax incl.)

  • Pacchetto di 3 pillole/Package of 3 Italian Grammar Pills: $80 (tax incl.)

  • Pacchetto di 4 pillole/Package of 4 Italian Grammar Pills: $100 (tax incl.)

Pay via e-transfer to

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Grazie e a presto!

Thank you & see you soon!

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