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PLIDA Certification Tests in Vancouver

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PLIDA Certificate

PLIDA - Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri

Every year, thousands of candidates throughout the world test their language competence in Italian as a foreign language, and obtain the PLIDA Certificate, recognized by the  Italian Government and accepted globally.


PLIDA tests evaluate language skills according to a six-tier scale, from A1 to C2 in ascending order of difficulty, corresponding to the levels established by the European Council

(cfr., Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).





PLIDA Certificate A1 - Initial Contact
PLIDA Certificate A2 - Survival


PLIDA Certificate B1 - Threshold

PLIDA Certificate B2 - Progress


PLIDA Certificate C1 - Efficacy

PLIDA Certificate C2 – Mastery

Why Take the Exam?

    The PLIDA Certificate allows you to:


  • File for Italian citizenship through marriage

  • (minimum requirement: level B1).

  • Request a long term residence permit for Italy

  • minimum requirement: level A2).

  • Enroll in Italian universities without sitting an entry exam (levels B2, C1 or C2, depending on the university and faculty requirements).

  • Show proof of your level of knowledge of the Italian language on your curriculum vitae.

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Who Can Register?

PLIDA Exams are designed for non-native Italian speakers.

They are open to all those who want to assess their linguistic skills in Italian, and obtain an official certificate.

Candidates can choose to challenge the level that they believe most closely matches their skill level.

The PLIDA Test:
Structure & Levels

The PLIDA Certification Test is designed to test candidates' skills in four areas: Ascoltare (Listening), Leggere (Reading),

Parlare (Speaking) and Scrivere (Writing).

The time schedule depends on the level of the test.

Oral tests (Parlare) are usually held on the same day of the written tests. 

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Certification Tests take place on predetermined dates which apply to all Certification Centres around the world.

Examination papers are sent from the various Certification Centres to the Central Offices in Rome, where they are evaluated and marked within sixty days from the date of receipt.

To be successful at the examination, the candidate must obtain a pass mark (minimum 18/30) in each of the four language skills.

Candidates may retake the test’s component(s) they have failed within the following 18 months.

Students Taking Exams

The Central Office sends Certificates for all the candidates who pass the examination.The Certificate indicates the candidate’s details, the level, the marks obtained in the four language skills and the overall mark.

Candidates' personal data are used solely for certificate issue; these data will not
be published in any form in accordance with Italian privacy legislation (law 675/96).



Date e livelli per esami PLIDA a Vancouver

La Società Dante in BC è felice si annunciarvi il calendario esami PLIDA per l’anno 2022. 


Da gennaio 2022 tutti gli esami torneranno ad essere completi e includeranno le 4 prove sulle single abilità linguistiche (ascoltare, leggere, scrivere e parlare).

Gli esami si svolgeranno in presenza in downtown Vancouver.



Sulla base delle informazioni ora disponibili,  le date d'esame sono state fissate per offrire la maggior sicurezza di realizzazione. Tuttavia, se le disposizioni provinciali legate all’emergenza COVID cambieranno, la Società Dante in BC si riserva il diritto di posticiparli a successiva data.



23 febbraio

16 marzo

30 novembre

1 dicembre


A2, B1

B2, C1

A2, B1

B2, C1, C2

Data scadenza
per iscriversi

23 gennaio

16 febbraio

30 ottobre

1 novembre

Attenzione: verranno cancellate le sessioni d’esame per le quali non si raggiunge un numero minimo di 5 candidati.



Informazioni, iscrizioni & pagamento e-transfer:

In order to cover the administration costs, the Dante Society reserves the right to perform the tests with the minimum number of three candidates enrolled in each session.


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