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If you want to become a member or make a donation, please contact Tom Henry 


The yearly membership fee is $40.

You can pay for your membership or make a donation in two ways: 

by cheque or

by Interac e-Transfer.

Membership Benefits

Paying/making a donation by cheque

Please complete the registration/donation form 

(link here),print it, and mail it with your cheque to:

Tom Henry  

301-1972 Bellevue Street

West Vancouver, BC

V7V 1B5

The cheque should be payable to 

Dante Alighieri Society of BC.  

PLEASE NOTE: If you are in the US, you can send us a $USD cheque drawn on your US bank account for the appropriate amount.  Just use the exchange rate from Google to find the $USD amount.


If you are already a member and are renewing your membership, you do not have to fill out the whole form. Just fill in your name AND your e-mail address so we can ensure that our records are current.

Paying/making a donation by Interac e-Transfer

If you wish to pay/make a donation by

Interac e-Transfer, please send an e-mail with the title: Dante Membership for (your name) or

Donation by (your name), and in the body of

the e-mail, type the information requested by the Membership/Donation Form.

​You need to send that e-mail to:

In case you have not used Interac e-Transfer
before, please the instructions below.

Garden Path
How Interac e-Transfer works

1. You must be set up with your bank for internet banking.  
2. Log in to your online banking site. The layout differs a bit from bank to bank,  but the process is the same for all.
3. Find Transfers and click it.
4. Fill in the account you would like the money to come from, and the amount you will pay.

5. In the Recipient box, enter 
6. Click Send. That is all.
7. You will receive a confirmation code that you should store.

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