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Intermediate Level

L'Italiano con l'Arte



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Do you like Italian art and wish to improve your Italian skills?

Then we have the right course for you!  Impara l’arte e... l’italiano! Learn Italian art and learn Italian as well!!!

What will you learn?

In our course you will read and discuss the following artists and their works of art, while studying and revising some important grammar rules (adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, tenses).

  • Il Colosseo

  • Piero della Francesca

  • La primavera del Botticelli

  • L’ultima cena di Leonardo

  • Il David di Michelangelo

  • Artemisia Gentileschi

  • Lavinia Fontana - la prima artista professionista della storia

It is a fun way to improve your Italian reading, comprehension and speaking skills while learning about Italian art and artists. 

L'Italiano con l'Arte Intermediate - 4 weeks
Every SATURDAY mornings
from February 24 to March 16

from 10:00am to 12:00pm (PST)

Classes meet once a week on Zoom
Minimum level required: Beginner 3

Please note: a minimum of 5 participants is required


 If enrollment is insufficient, we reserve theright to cancel or postpone the class

Embark on a mesmerizing voyage delving into the exquisite world of Italian art and architecture. Allow our instructor Serena to lead you through this enchanting exploration.

Immerse yourself in the language of amore and sign up today for our dynamic

Italian course inspired by the masterpieces of art and architecture!


Not sure how to get started?
It's easy! Just download our Placement Test* & the Registration Formthen click on the button below to send them back to us via email. 

Our Fees:

L'Italiano con l'Arte: $100 (tax incl.)

5% discount for members

Pay via e-transfer to

Students outside Canada: Pay via cheque.Click here for more information

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