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A Journey into Italian Culture. First Theme: Architecture (starting Aug 28, 2020)

Come on the road with us!

Discover Italian culture in cycles of four themed appointments.

First theme: Architecture

Meetings will take place ONLINE.

From the Renaissance of Filippo Brunelleschi to the innovation of Renzo Piano, passing between Andrea Palladio's villas and Italian Liberty houses.

1. An evening with Filippo Brunelleschi - FRIDAY 28 AUGUST

2. A walk through Andrea Palladio's villas - FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 11

3. Discovering Italian Liberty with Pietro Fenoglio - Friday September 25

4. Renzo Piano: a bridge between innovation and tradition - Friday, October 2

Each of the 4 two-hour meetings (start at 5:30 PM)

is divided into 4 parts:

- presentation of the protagonist and historical-cultural context

- interactive activities

- media support

- testimonies, interviews and curiosities.

Meetings will be held in the Italian language.

Cost of each cycle of 4 meetings: 120 CAD (+ GST).

10 % discount to students of the Dante Italian Language School of the current year.

Download the course brochure here.

For information and recordings,

or call: 604.682.1410

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Project Flyer Final
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