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Food Emerging Trends & Italian Food”: A Web Talk

The talk will examine the following topics concerning food and agriculture:

- Food security, with over 800 million hungry people and over 2 billion undernourished.

- Food safety and the GMO debate.

- Food sustainability, given about 1/4 of CO2 emissions are agrifood-related and about 30% of food is wasted.

- Food systems, the food value chains.

- The increasing trend of “out of home” consumption.

- The Food vs Fuel debate, given the increasing price of grains.

- Food Technology in addressing the current challenges. - Legislative approaches to Food in Northern America and Europe.

- Final reflections on Italian Food between the different trends, perceptions and current reality.

Friday, 22 April 2022, 12.00 pm-1.45 pm (Pacific Day Time/Vancouver)

In English – Online via Zoom

The event is organized by The Dante Alighieri Society of BC ( in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture in Toronto

Link to the registration page or RSVP at

About the speaker: Nicola Chiaranda has a Master’s Degree in Economy from the University of Venice and a long career as a Finance and Business Development executive. With his company Cropfield Consulting, he now provides advice on Strategy, Business Development & Finance especially to Agribusiness and Food multinational companies. Nicola teaches Private Equity and Development Funding at the University of Venice and invests in innovative agribusiness & food start-up.

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