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NEW Event: The Diet of Pythagoras!

Join The Dante Alighieri Society of BC for the webinar conducted by Professor Alberto Jori:

When: DECEMBER 17, 2021, from 12:00 pm to 1:15 pm PST

Where: on Zoom - in English

Free for members - $10 donation for non-members*

*The zoom link will be sent to you after we receive your donation - All our members will receive it one day prior to the event.

For donations & info email

Event Details:

The vegetarian diet, today so widespread & "fashionable", has had a very long &

fascinating history. Until the nineteenth century, it was called ‘the Pythagorean diet’:

this is because its origin, at least in Western culture, dates to the philosopher Pythagoras, who lived in the sixth century BC. In this speech, we will discuss the characteristics of

Pythagorean vegetarianism & Pythagoras’ motivations behind prohibiting the killing of animals &

the consumption of meat.

The conference will therefore have a historical & medical character as well as a philosophical one.

Invite-Alberto Jori-Pythagoras' Diet-Dec 17
Download PDF • 298KB

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