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SOON! The Piano & The Classical Art of Being Silly

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

The Dante Society of BC, in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture in Toronto, invites you to the piano performance of pianist, composer & Steinway Artist Julian Gargiulo aka the Pianist With the Hair.

FREE Admission - Donations are always welcome

September 22, 2021, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm PDT

In English on Zoom

For more info & donations, contact us at!

What to expect:

The program will combine standard classical repertoire, tango transcription, & original music, all presented in Julian’s signature style: interactive, informal, & humorous.

About Julian Gargiulo:

Julian Gargiulo is a pianist, composer, & Steinway Artist. He performs regularly in venues such as Carnegie Hall, United Nations, Moscow Conservatory Hall, Symphony Stage in Singapore, & Seymour Theatre in Sydney, & has been featured on Radio & TV stations in North America, Europe, & Asia. "Expect to revise any preconceived notions you have about classical music concerts." (Huffington Post) Julian’s concerts are always an interactive experience. "He's the only classical musician I know who could truly be regarded as a rock star as well." (The Courier Mail) A classically trained pianist, Julian captivates his audience not only with his technical precision but with his Jerry Seinfeld-ish wit as well. Julian invites his audience to abandon all preconceived notions about classical concerts. “Saturday Night Live meets Carnegie Hall” (Huffington Post) On stage, he presents a program that includes classical standards, Tango transcriptions, as well as his own compositions. In between pieces, he engages the audience by sharing his personal stories, anecdotes from the lives of composers, and his home remedies for jet lag. "Julian builds a rapport with his listeners…a formula that works." (TimeOut Singapore) In 2015 Julian presented the first edition of 'Getting to Carnegie' (, an International Music Competition which features musicians from all around the world for a chance to share the stage at Carnegie Hall. An award-winning documentary based on the Competition will be released later this year. “He was in town last night…he’s just brilliant….there are not enough words to describe the genius behind him….because when he sits down and plays you are watching a Beethoven or Chopin …years from now your grandkids and great-grandkids will be talking about Julian. He’s just magnificent.” (ABC TV) This year Julian and his wife Elektra started a New Music Series called “One Classical Minute” ( described as “High Culture in Low Doses” for everything you never wanted to know about classical music, and never bothered to ask. Julian splits his time between New York and Paris, when aeroplanes are flying, that is.

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